Designing Solution

Look Feel Appeal

AVG Advertising Agency provides you with amazing solutions to all your designing problems. It houses a talented pool of graphic designers who come up with designs that go onto become the subject of envy among your competitors. It is one of the leading Graphic Designing firm in Delhi and has proved its mettle time and again.

AVG Advertising Agency is one of the best Creative Agency gifted with in-house designers who specialize in designing graphics and animation,3D which typically caters to the younger audiences at par with the recent trends in information and technology.

We are happy to help you appreciate and identify exotic designs that are smart and subtle.

We design what is to be appreciated by all in the future.

Team AVG is an expert at designing business cards, invitation cards, calendars, diaries transforming the brand’s dialogue with the consumer into a successful PR stint. It is adept at presenting brands in a tactile and dramatic fashion as and when the need arises.

We tend to surprise ourselves with the kind of designs we make and our clients are even more surprised at the designs we present. Once you confer us with all the important information we need for branding a logo, Team AVG evaluates, analyses and works upon the project with a clear head to reach a common goal. If your perspective is clear, we can provide you with a logo that will put you in straight line amongst your competitors.

With our in-house logo designers we can offer world-class service with unmatched quality so you are satisfied with the product and come to consult us in the future as well.

A good design is simple thoughts transcending into motion. Team AVG believes in extracting the best out of an idea. Executing it in a manner to exploit it to the limits of exhaustion is the team’s mantra.

We believe in team effort. The technical and creative teams, in coordination produce an extravagant product that instantly clicks with you.

Designing an innovative masterpiece involves preparing a fine blue print and then working on it after doing extensive research and analyzing the findings of the research. The research team helps collect the data in an entrepreneur manner that helps the designers used it to their benefit.

The designing team comprises of graphic designers and illustrators, 3D Designers and Flash designers for websites.

Consistency is a hallmark of a well-managed brand and we completely adhere by it. At all points of conceptualizing, designing and executing a design we stick to the basic rules that make a brand appeal to its consumers. Consistency is one among them it helps us strike a chord with many at one point. In the case of a marketing campaign the designs and ideas are usually consistent as there is a chain process of sending similar messages across that convey similar ideas. In such campaigns, the set and sample of the target audience is usually similar and their tastes complement the brand’s message. If a campaign is targeted at younger audience it should maintain the fun and vibrancy to lure them.

The basic elements necessary to the design’s success should be present at all times. Such as effortless glamour in a woman’s brand, style in a man’s brand, vibrancy in a child’s brand, comfort in a professional’s brand and so on.

If an attempt is made to use style as a prerogative in a brand targeting older audiences it would only work if it is used as an instant uplift, otherwise they will feel out of the place. There are fewer chances of style or chic working in favor of a brand for older audience.

Similarly, look, feel and appeal are the factors that will most definitely work in the favor of a brand catering to the female audience in spite of comfort that becomes an additional factor. If comfort is an underlying effect then it would certainly work but not as the highlight of the product. Because the fairer audience vouch for appeal most of all and comfort, efficiency and durability feature later on their radar.

Durability is a prime concern among the male audience who look for products that last longer. The ladies get bored of such products easily and they welcome change which is usually despised by the males.

Emotional Appeal

Emotions play a strong role in communication.

We aim at developing designs that use emotions as an important element in conveying the message across. They appeal to all sorts of target audiences and accentuate the feel of the message. Most brands use emotion to enhance the connectivity with their consumers.

An emotional appeal titillates the senses, soothes them, forces to think, makes opinions, changes them and creates an image in the mind of the consumer.

We make innovative designs that result in sustainable brands that last longer in the market. We focus on transforming a simple brand into a global name which registers instantly with the target audience.

Emotions such a joy, sorrow, loss, love, friendship click instantly with the audience and they easily identify with brands that cater to them on an emotional level. The consumer feels pampered and cared for when he is touched on an emotional level. He then thinks of the brand in a positive light and connects with it easily. This connection builds longer lasting relations between the brand and the consumer who refuses to switch over the brand for another brand that might not register with him on an emotional level.

Your brands are secure with us. We let them soar high in the sky. We make them a universal entity. They feel safe and secure in our custody. We help them get registered with the target audience at an instant and impactful level. We provide designing solutions that stick with the basic elements of look, feel and appeal and send the message across simultaneously.

Playing it on an emotional level and clicking instantly with the target audience is the mantra of our designing team. Creating ideas on paper and then giving them wings to suit the modifications of the client works wonders in giving the client something essentially innovative and intelligent.

We do not provide designing solutions that become a part of some league. Instead we wish to achieve something that sets a brand apart from the rest of the market. We impart it with a unique character and features that improve the brand’s performance and boosts sales. This further improves the business of the product and enhances investments.