Printing Solution

Make it inviting to look at, make it fun to read.

Newspaper is an ageing medium but still remains a favorite when it comes to dispensing the daily news. Advertisements however, fail to go unnoticed. A colorful and catchy advertisement featured in a glossy is sure to grab eyeballs. Pictures, register themselves easier and faster than words. Why bother with the written word anyway when you can spread the message with a good image.

AVG Advertising Agency is one of the leading print production firms providing you with the most appropriate web solutions simultaneously dabbling in ad film production and shoot, photography, and managing events.

Equipped with state-of-the-art printing press boasting of the latest equipments, we provide you economic solutions that suit all.

AVG Advertising Agency is equally adept at printing supreme quality catalogues, brochures promoting hoards of products such as Cosmetics, Edibles, Textiles and Shoes. Printing business cards, corporate letterheads, annual reports have helped companies fare well in the past and communicate better with their clients.

We also keep in mind basic factors that increase or decrease legibility of text in the case of different groups from different typographical locations. In order to make a piece of text presentable we first need to find out what are the basic factors that make a body of text readable. Only then we can figure out how to use the text to your advantage to engage the reader for a longer period of time.

Our copy and content writing teams see to it that the basic elements are present in a copy. They use their tact well to write intelligent and rich text that is engaging and conveys the brand’s message without exhausting the reader. This is also an important feature in choosing text: The reader should not get bored of reading complex sentences, technical jargons, etc. Abbreviations need to be avoided or if used, should be complete with proper explanations.

To figure out how to write text that keeps the reader engaged and not bore him endlessly is an achievement itself. There is a need to strike balance between good written word and easy word. If the text is difficult to understand, the reader will abstain from reading it further because he would not want to go about looking for meanings of those words.

If there is an important need for difficult or complicated words, then it should be mandatory to provide the meanings as well. It becomes an additional feature if the meanings or explanations are also provided along with them as the reader will feel provided for because now he will not have to looking for the meanings or explanations.

Corporate Letterheads are an affordable and effective way to make a great first impression. All stationery is printed on premium quality paper. If you are planning to print letterheads for a particular campaign, then AVG can help you with its printing and folding as per your requirement.

Brochures may advertise information such the product, price, services, events, etc and are usually eye-catching in design in which company profile and objectives are directly stated.

Brochures are the essential brief one page document that everyone asks for and every business needs to tell their story.

Our brochures are the highest quality utilizing the latest technology. Client has the option of choosing from several paper stocks, folding and finishing options to create a professional, multi-panel color brochure.

Brochures sell in lots at places like schools, hospitals, colleges, institutes where the attendance is surplus. At places like these, they distribute brochures or flyers giving inputs on the place, services offered, its qualities. At the time of admissions parents and students flock in large numbers at the institutions to gather information and decide after reading the brochure and making enquiries.

Flyers can be postcards, club cards, door-hangers, and brochures, but a flyer is essentially a sheet or a handbill that is an inexpensive form of mass marketing or in fact an announcement of an event or service.

The low cost affiliated with flyers make them an efficient tool to get the word out about your marketing campaign. Initially flyers wore a simple black/white print look that was printed on white paper and were printed by the thousands.

Flyers can be handed out on the street, posted on bulletin boards, or given away at events such as exhibitions. Flyers are printed at a high speed with lower resolution than standard brochures with few quality control checks to provide reduced cost for production. If you are looking for a higher resolution version of flyers, Brochures are an excellent marketing tool.

Vibrant color printing is perfect for presentation folders and media kits.

Digitally printed flex boards and banners are a hit with brands that believe in promoting their brands and products king size. Attractive images put up on huge banners and hoardings printed digitally help a great deal in outdoor advertising.

The fact is much agreeable that if you pitch a sassy image with an insipid body of text, your attention will keep going to the image and after a certain point you would not want to read the text anymore.

We, therefore assist you with the presentation skills needed to make it look enviable and wanting a customer to achieve it at a go.

The advertisement must exhaust your imagination and creativity to give rise to an innovation that registers itself with the consumer, stays in his mind and the evaporation is delayed.

Printing multi-hued and good quality writing pads and diaries for corporate, official use is another feather in AVG’s hat. Manuals are an excellent way of advertising a brand or its product and brief the target audience about it. Manuals come handy while launching a new product or service as it helps in elaborating the user about it. Electric, electronic, software appliances always come with a fully descriptive manual with instructions on it.

It is easier to target millions of people with a website at a moment and convey any kind of message or promote any type of service or good. Be it a leading newspaper, a fashion glossy or a regional tabloid. We make sure that all your events and press notes get the due coverage.

Housed with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, a fine blend of creative people and advanced processes, AVG provides you with a whole gamut of services such as printing, finishing and bindery.

Corporate brochures, Product and Service Catalogues, Art & Coffee Table Books, Annual Reports, Tabletop & Wall Calendars are the most recent ways of promoting a brand and when designed and printed to satisfaction a client can put it to maximum use.

Magazine is also a popular medium especially to target housewives, girls who invest a big chunk of their time in reading or simply scanning through them. Sport fanatics can also be targeted by reaching out to them through sports magazines or journals. Media personnel can be targeted through media journals, leading newspapers, regional, local or global.


With our extensive digital printing experience we don’t rest on our laurels, we are constantly evaluating customer requirements.

AVG has embraced – and at times lead – the digital print revolution. To make printing more personalized and easily accessible to everyone, we have entered into the whole new world of digital printing. Not that we are still trying to figure out the technique or struggle to be at par with the technology, but our technical team is at constant par with the recent trends of the industry and hence, well-versed with all the fallacies and facts of the processes. We are not just providing you with products according to your specifications but we also suggest changes or adjustments wherever they seem necessary. Therefore, we have no qualms in saying that AVG Advertising Agency is a top-of-the-notch multi-hued, multi-solution house that dabbles in advertising solutions that suit all, fit all

Digital media can be referred to as the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education". Digital printing has a higher cost per page than traditional offset printing methods but this price is usually offset by the cost saving in avoiding all the technical steps in between. It also allows for on demand printing, short turn around and even image modification. The savings in labor and digital presses means digital printing is reaching a point where it will match or supersede offset printing technology's ability to produce larger print runs at a low price.