Commercial Photography

Product Shoot

A camera is an extension of the photographer’s eye.

We specialize in product shoots and use it extensively in our print advertisements enhancing the visual appeal of the ad making it a treat for viewers. We primarily focus on the visual appeal of the advertisement which helps a great deal in transcending it into a masterpiece. Instead of being skewed, our perspective is wide and multi-hued. Team AVG tries to keep the basic elements in mind which are necessary to catch the audience’s attention while formulating a design or zeroing on a concept. We strive for perfection in every aspect and make it a habit to look for minor details. Capturing a product is an extensive exercise and it solves it purpose only when all the features of that product are presented in a way that it enhances the product’s appeal. We wish to achieve picture perfect images that lure the audience and prove to be a sensory treat to him.

The appeal of photographs can be increased by accompanying catchy text and good punch lines or tag lines can do wonders for a brand. They prove to be an essential tool in the case of jewellery, cosmetics, luxury and textiles brands whose main aims to advertise themselves is to lure the audience towards themselves and create anxiety about the products. Our goal is to present it in the most attractive way so they provoke some feelings amongst the audience. It is vital to provoke some feeling. It can be anxiety, disgust, anger, happiness, pride or anything else. Once the audience feels something after looking at an image only then they would proceed towards enquiry. While enquiry, if they are provided correct and complete information and they feel they are anxious about the brand they would like to invest in it.

Several things make up a brand’s image and presentation and accountability most important among them. They together make up for the brand’s look and appeal and are great tools to make its presence felt amongst the bigwigs of the industry by imparting unique features to it.

Especially in print advertisements one should use images that are attractive and presentable at the same time. A brand’s image reaps greater benefits if the pictures appeal to a wide array of audience belonging to different age groups, typography, societal status, family background and have different needs and expectations.

AVG Advertising Agency provides you an efficient and impactful mix to help you hit it off instantly with your target audience and score the brownie points.