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Premium expired domains with traffic available for purchase. Each domain is carefully selected based on its SEO value, backlink profile, domain authority and traffic.

Domain NameTLDCreate DateGoogle IndexedPriceListingStatus
kinkybootsthetour.comBuy now.COM2017-08-09Yes860$Sold
kingradiator.comBuy now.COM2001-11-21Yes199$Listed For Sale
canoeinghouse.comBuy now.COM2013-12-02Yes499$Listed For Sale
clarkholt.comBuy now.COM1999-12-10Yes499$Listed For Sale
crossbaytransit.comBuy now.COM2018-12-21Yes499$Listed For Sale
alexbtrust.orgBuy now.ORG2012-01-10Yes499$Listed For Sale
itethertech.comBuy now.COM2018-01-10Yes499$Listed For Sale
skybarpgh.comBuy now.COM2012-05-25Yes739$Listed For Sale
ramongd.comBuy now.COM2018-06-04Yes739$Listed For Sale
tdhubonwheels.comBuy now.COM2022-06-04Yes739$Listed For Sale
trispecs.comBuy now.COM2006-06-08Yes739$Listed For Sale

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At AVG Advertising, we offer a price match guarantee on our limited selection of high-quality expired domains.


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