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Brand Research

Successful branding starts with a clear understanding of the market conditions, competitive landscape and the target audience. AVG’s research team collects the data and extracts the kind of insights that are strategic to valuable planning.


The services we offer in this category include:

Brand Audits

Brand Impact Analysis

Audience Profiling

Competitive Analysis

Internal/External research


Brand Expression

Starting with naming and logos and continuing with visual and verbal styles, we are experts in the art of creating solutions that built immediate associations between the brand and the qualities that the brand represents.


The services we offer in this category include:

Brand Identity and Naming

Brand Visual Style

Brand Voice

Without a sound brand strategy, you can’t deliver effective programs. AVG Advertising Agency helps companies articulate their brand by clearly defining Brand Vision, Brand differentiation, Brand promise and Brand personality.


Brand Logo

Every brand has a corporate identity of its own that is called the logo. The logo plays an important role in establishing a brand in the market. It is the brands face. A stylish logo will convey the message that the brand has a unique style of its own and it certainly caters to those who want to be with the trends. A simple logo says that the brand is completely functional and caters to those with minimal needs. An animated or 3D logo is mostly used with tech-oriented products for a certain section of the audience who believe in living a high-tech life.


A multi-colored, multi-hued logo usually works for a brand that caters to kid’s apparels. For brands like these, catchy and fun icons are used that appeal largely to the younger audience. Vibrant colors accompanied with attractive images work wonders for these brands and their products.


Similarly, for a brand meant to target ladies subtle and sophisticated logos do the trick. Soothing colors, feminine touch and a caring attitude towards the target audience is the mantra for them. They generally avoid flashy images or text and are pleased with simple messages that give their ego a boost.


For men, visual appeal matters. They would not go on and buy a product that looks uninteresting or unattractive. Generally, such advertisements carry images of attractive women, great gadgets, wardrobes to lure them easily and convince them to invest in the product. When they see perfectly groomed male protagonists wearing tuxedos, gelled hair, nice shoes they want to ape their look and get an instant uplift.


Every Brand Conveys a Message.

We understand your needs. We know your brand. Every brand carries a message with it. And it must be made sure that the message it conveyed in its proper and true form. The message solves its purpose after it has clicked with the audience, their brains have registered it and it resonates with them.


It is vitally important to connect with the target audience. When a brand connects with its target audience,its business booms. If a brand connects with an audience other than its target audience, the connection helps the brand score brownie points.


AVG helps you strike the right chords with various audiences from different typography, different cultures and landscapes. When people come from across the world, their choices and preferences differ and their decisions are based on these preferences and choices. To target a certain section of the audience coming from a different part of the world along with targeting a section of the audience coming from a completely different part of the world is an achievement of its own.


Every Brand has a Style of Its Own

Every brand has a style of its own. It evolves into itself once it develops a distinct style of presenting itself to its target audience. Different brands have different visual styles as the messages they carry along with them is completely different from each other.

AVG Advertising Agency helps brands find their distinct visual styles and appeal so they strike the right chord with the target audience and transform their brands into successful marketing materials that become masterpieces for the world to see and believe in.


Double-benefit view

From a strategic and business point-of-view our products highlight the company’s features and boost their sales and from an intrinsic point of view they largely appeal to the target audience. So, the companies get to do their business without a hindrance and connect with the kind of audience it wants to target to keep the business running for long.

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