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Thank you for showing interest in collaborating with Avg Advertising and writing for us, we are looking forward to having you join our growing list of guest writers. If you like what we at Avg Advertising do and believe that you can impart more knowledge and information to our readers, join us today as a Guest Post Writer!

What We Believe In

We’re client partners first, dedicated to paving the way for growth. We’re attentive to helping brands and products disrupt their industry through focused SEO and content marketing. We’ve built a team of fun, driven, and motivated specialists who are encouraged to live our company values.

1. Results

We prioritize results and work hard to ensure you achieve a positive return on investment.

2. Committed 

Our team is dedicated to offering exceptional support along with fantastic, long-lasting results.

3. No Contract 

Our plans are on a month-by-month basis and there is no long-term commitment with any of our plans.

4. Experience 

Our team has lots of experience in all aspects of Content Marketing and we thrive at helping others.

5. Affordable 

All our plans are competitively priced to accommodate customers with varying budgets.

6. Integrity 

Integrity and honesty are two of the most important traits that define us as a company.

What Topics Can You Write for Us?

For a guest post to be successful, it needs to be rich in content. The blog or post should be detailed and packed with information which readers can take inspiration from. The blogs should guide our readers about the current market trends, the latest innovations, any new technological developments, etc. We are particularly looking for posts or blogs on topics related to:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Organic social media
  • YouTube SEO
  • Business Marketing
  • Technology Advancements
  • App Store Optimization
  • Technical content audits
  • Technical writing services
  • Inbound Content Marketing
  • Start-up Marketing
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Freelancing
  • New Product Reviews
  • Email Marketing 
  • SMB Enterprises
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blogging 

What will you be able to do as a Guest Post Writer?

As a guest post writer for Avg Advertising, you will be able to:

  • Impart knowledge and information to our readers
  • Influence the readers with your message
  • Inspire businessmen, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals

What are the requirements to Write for us?

If you are writing for Avg Advertising, our guest post writing requirements are:

  • The post should be well-written in English.
  • The content should be 100% unique. The post should be original and not published anywhere else; no plagiarized content would be accepted. 
  • All articles undergo a plagiarism scan to ensure originality.
  • The Content should be at least 800 words.
  • Give a proper title and description with a keyword to the post
  • Divide the content by using proper headings and sub-headings
  • The articles need to be submitted in Word .doc or .docx format, no other format would be accepted
  • The content should be informative, useful, and easy to read and understand.
  • Mention the names of sources for the facts and figures published in the article
  • If any quotes or photographs are used, they need to be correctly attributed in the post
  • Content should be suitable for reading for people from any demographics

Which Guest Posts Won’t Be Accepted?

Before submitting, ensure that a similar topic hasn’t been posted on our website. We won’t accept topics that are irrelevant or non-informative. Content must be relevant to our business, covering areas of SEO, Digital Marketing, Inbound Content Marketing, Small and Medium Businesses, and Tech-Based Advancements.

Advantages Of Guest Post Articles

The main advantage of guest articles is to get a do-follow backlink from a high domain authority site. Guest posts help to increase or improve your visibility online on the Internet and search engines and aid in getting a higher rank on the Search Engine Results Page. What about the biggest benefit? The biggest benefit of guest articles is Search Engine Optimization. Other benefits include:

  • Establish your authority as a writer.
  • More Links higher traffic.
  • Improved Social Networking and other Benefits.
  • Foundational support of high domain authority backlinks using guest post articles.

We have an SEO expert team and social media experts to optimize and promote your article. Don’t hesitate to share articles on your social media platforms for increased exposure.

Where to Submit?

Ready to write for us? Draft the content and send it to us at [contact@avgadvertising.com] for approval. However, If you’re unsure about the topic or article formation, you can always contact us your brief synopsis. We’ll review and discuss it, providing a final answer. Once your article aligns with our guidelines, you’ll receive confirmation. After the article is live, your inbox will have a message containing the live link and acknowledgment from our side.

Thank you for considering Avg Advertising for your guest post contributions. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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