What Does Business Chat Mean on Instagram?

In this ever-evolving tech world, every day brings a new set of exciting technologies. Similarly, a brilliant new and freshly designed segment will open up once you switch from a personal account to a business profile on Instagram.

This striking world is full of some astonishing features, both free and paid which can be utilized to amplify your business on this famous social platform. Out of all the amazing characteristics, business chat has a very profound importance for businesses.

Without any further ado, let’s quickly shed light on Instagram’s business chat to understand its meaningful impact.

Instagram Business Account Features

You must have experience and personally used the basic private Insta account. This type of account already has all the free tools that you would need to start your business journey. Once you shift toward the business account, those freebies will remain the same but add more unique features. Following are the three main features you’ll unlock after switching to a business account.


This is the feature for which people switch from a personal to a business account. It shows you many useful performance metrics of your account, from user engagement to post-reception.

Action Button

Want to let your followers book an appointment with you? Add an action button.

It leads the user to the website you have selected (appointment form, ticket booking, etc.).


Your business account lets you promote your content by displaying it in ad form to your target audience. It’s one of its few useful paid features.

And last but not least is the business chat. Almost everything about it, including the Instagram live chat, is completely free of cost.

What Is Instagram Business Chat?

From all the above information, now you must have deduced, that the business chat is a messaging application exclusively designed for Instagram business accounts.

You have the authority to create some spectacular conversations with your customers instantly. It is very similar to the messaging popup but will have a handful of auxiliary features.

With business chat, you can

  • Ignite customized and automated replies
  • Integrate AI chatbot to quickly solve customer issues
  • Analyze and assess chat performance later on via analytics.

Every professional business’s website is geared with a generative AI chat box to successfully close queries.

The most famous case scenarios are the welcome notes, automated replies, FAQs, new feature announcements, and rapid replies from the company’s brand representative.

Instagram business chat is packed with all these features with other exciting and striking features.

Steps to Set Up Instagram Business Chat

It is very simple and straightforward to set up this exclusive chat, even easier than how to use it. Here’s how to start using business chat for Instagram.

  • Open your Instagram app and visit the profile page.
  • At the top right corner, you will see the three parallel lines button. Just tap it.
  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Switch to Professional Account.’

Now, when you tap the messaging icon (top right), your brand-new business chat will turn up.

How to Use Instagram Business Chat?

This part is a bit difficult, but realize that millions of users worldwide are using it so it won’t be that much difficult either. Business chat is very similar to chatting on your private profile. The interesting part is to embrace and smartly practice the features that are a bit new for you including the following basic ones.

Automated Replies

This is one of the best features of the business chat. Do you remember the automated replies in chat boxes on business websites (e.g. how can I help you?)? You can set up your Instagram customer service chat the same way too, including frequently asked questions. Here’s how you can activate the feature.

  • Tap the chat icon on the top right of your dashboard.
  • Click ‘Set up automated responses’ followed by ‘Get Started’.
  • Select the ‘Show Questions’ button.
  • Add your preferred FAQs and ‘Save’ your answers for the same.
  • You can include no more than four questions and their respective answers in the messenger.

Payments in Messenger

You can generate in-chat payment links in the business messenger. It’s a simple feature that allows your customers to pay you while chatting with you. To activate this feature, you need to be a seller on Instagram, that is you must have linked your account with Meta’s Facebook and started a shop on Instagram.

  • On your dashboard, select ‘Get paid in chat.’
  • Head to your messenger and tap the dollar ($) sign.
  • Enter and submit the details of your bank account.
  • Select the user in the business chat from whom you wish to receive the payment.

You will notice a new popup at the top, ‘Get paid directly in chat.’ Tap ‘Request payment’ to initiate the process.

Meta Business Suite

The Meta Business Suite is a powerful add-on for fulfilling many of your Instagram messaging needs. It groups all your business content, allowing you to manage it with a tap. You don’t need to keep several open tabs while chatting with a prospect on Instagram. This tool has everything you need.

For instance, if a customer is asking about the features and capabilities of one of your products or services. You can directly access your products list from the suite’s business chat Instagram and share the features in the messenger. You can activate the suite from your Facebook page after downloading the Meta Business app.

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